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Visit Best Hotels in London – Executive Car Hire London


Visit Best Hotels in London – Executive Car Hire London

 Best Hotels in London
Do you want to stay one of the best hotels in London? Here comes the list of some of the best hotels in the city. The city would meet up all your requisites when it comes to the hotel. Be it a spacious room, free breakfast or the best hotels to be with your kids, you name it and the city of London would offer you all.
The Landmark London at Marylebone
If you are visiting London with your family and children then this one of the best choice among the hotels in London. Brown’s, Mayfair rooms are spacious. These interconnected suites offer the best living options. While reaching the hotel rooms the children are delighted. They are being offered toys and biscuits having their names written on it. There is a play tent and lot of toys that make the children happy. This hotel is quite popular for the fact that they have various children friendly activities making it one of the best hotel in the city.
Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites & Residences in Victoria
If you have the bigger budget for your trip then this is the place you should choose. This hotel is the best place to be while keeping your privacy intact. While you are willing to keep yourself and your family out of the worries of life and spend some good time, Taj is the right place to be. Your privacy and security would be maintained with no-one disturbing you and your family. Children can expect gifts and chocolates during the arrival to the hotel. You will be delighted with the hospitality and you would receive in Taj. Surprisingly, the rooms are extremely spacious. This rooms would provide extra space for free movement and a happy stay.
The Ampersand Hotel at Kensington
The Ampersand Hotel is nearby the Museum Miles. Museum Miles is one of the most famous museums in the city of London. This is the hotel located in the perfect place for you to make a visit to the museum. The lavish living space offered by the hotel will make you feel relaxed. There is a separate room for the kids to play. The room is filled with toys and games that kids love to play. Various toys like the Rubic Cube, Ludo and Backgammon are there in the room that would make your kid happy while you stay in the hotel. This is the place being preferred by the visitors who are willing to stay and also celebrate their birthday in the hotels. The famous chef Mi Kyung Jeong prepares the cake for every birthday event making the birthday special. While you come with your family you may book a deluxe studio which would have four beds and an attached kitchen.
Park Plaza County Hall, Waterloo
Park Plaza is definitely the money savers option. While you are willing to save money but not willing to compromise on the living standards then this is the hotel you are looking for. This hotel offers a free stay for the children bellow the age of 12 if they stay with two adults. The children above the age of 12 can stay at a flat rate of 30 pounds excluding the VAT. While the children enter the hotels they are being welcomed with gifts and chocolates making them feel special. Children bellow that age of 12 is also offered complimentary breakfast for free.
The Landmark London, Marylebone
Landmark is the right place to be if you are looking for the best and the cheapest entry level rooms. The rooms being offered by the hotels are exceptionally large. The sleeping quarters are 592 sq ft big making it one of the most spacious places to stay. The rooms would easily accommodate two adults and two children. In case there is a requisite of an extra bed all you need to do is to pay a small amount of 60 pounds and they will arrange an extra bed for you.
Haymarket Hotel at the Strand
Children love Haymarket Hotel for its beautiful, colors and fabrics. This is one of the best places to be while you are travelling with children. The children are treated in a special way while they arrive at the hotel. The children are being welcomed with gifts while they arrive. They are also provided with bathrobes, milk and cookies before they go to sleep.
Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington
Sharky and George keep the children entertained in the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington. They are two of the entertainers who takes the complete responsibility of entertaining the children. A Micro scooter is being provided to the children and their parents for roaming around in the Hyde Park. The food offered at the place are special for the fact that special food themes are being made to amazed the children and make them happy. Jelly sandwiches, chocolate scones and free milkshakes are available to the children every day. The hotels have recently introduced a rainy season plan. During the rainy days, movies are being played with pizza, coke and popcorns to accompany you.
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