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Personal Chauffeur  
    Are you looking for trustworthy and reliable personal chauffeur for you and your family? Having a personal chauffeur makes life easier. At Rapid Chauffeurs we believe that everyone deserves peace of mind and relaxation which is why the company delivers personal excellence as it invests heavily in its people. Our chauffeurs are highly skilled and hand picked so that your personal chauffeur will come highly commended.
Airport Transfers Londonaeroplane at the airport with good weather
Rapid Chauffeurs knows the importance of a relaxing, comfortable journey to and from the airport. We have a whole fleet of cars you can choose from to make your journey as easy and luxurious as possible. Our real time flight monitoring and meet and greet service helps ensure a comfortable and smooth journey for you.
The staff at Rapid Chauffeurs is knowledgeable and so would be happy to help when planning trips into London, and could give advice and book the best restaurants, sites and accommodation around.


Business Trips - Corporate road shows, Meetings & conferences in the city
iStock_000004977630SmallRapid Chauffeurs staff is resourceful so if there is a chance that a journey may be delayed, our staff and the SatNav technology has excellent knowledge of traffic and can thereby provide an alternative route, meaning that meetings and events do not have to be rescheduled. Our S Class Mercedes and people carriers fulfil the requirements of road shows making Rapid Chauffeurs perfect for all intents and purposes.
Station TransfersiStock_000004635141XSmall
Rapid Chauffeurs has an extensive knowledge and information of stations and train journeys, making travelling quick and easy. 
Hotel Transfers
Hotel transfers are swift and smooth with our expert chauffeurs who make your journey as comfortable as possible, escorting you to and from your destination flawlessly.